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Why PJS are Different

Our ethos is to work collaboratively with our customers.  This approach recognises that our customers have a good understanding of their site and buildings which enables us to ask the right questions and create the most appropriate package of services for you.

We offer complete transparency to our customers either through the rigours of a tender process and the resulting documentation or through our innovative Interactive Maintenance Portal.  This tool works as a central hub for event and issue management as well as a depository for all legal and regulatory documentation.

As with everything that we offer, there is complete flexibility on how much of this information you want to have direct access to and how much you want to delegate to us.

Peace of Mind

The legal and regulatory requirements of maintaining a building and the occupants are quite significant.  In order to demonstrate compliance there are a range of certificates and reports that need to be completed, stored and produced when required.

Our Interactive Maintenance Portal allows you to store and retrieve all these documents from one single source.  This gives many of our customers the reassurance that they can always obtain a copy of the necessary documents.

Some of our customers prefer to receive a paper copy of these documents.  That is not a problem either, we are more than happy to supply these, but rest assured if these are misplaced we can always forward you another copy.    

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