Boiler Maintenance

A reliable and efficient boiler is one of the most important factors for keeping a building open and functional. Depending on whether you have a gas or oil fired boiler, conducting an annual or biannual service is essential for a number of reasons:

  • Health and safety – carbon monoxide, oil or gas leaks are thankfully a rare event, the risks being much reduced with regular servicing
  • Increased efficiency – keeping the boiler clean with regular checks on all the main components ensures it continues to work effectively
  • Extended lifetime – taking care of the key elements and replacing worn out parts can increase the life of your boiler

What PJS offer

There are many aspects to our service designed to work around your maintenance process and events calendar. 

  • Electronic Service Reports are designed to review the system, producing a list of identified faults that require attention
  • A record of emissions
  • Gas safety testing of pipework
  • Strip down of boiler casings for signs of flue spillage
  • Nozzle replacement where required
  • Testing of pressure safety valves

Boiler usage is highest during the winter months so being able to plan ahead is of benefit to everyone. We make this a very straightforward process where an anniversary date can be set for boiler servicing and the work is automatically planned in with our engineers - so you don’t need to worry about remembering to book a service.

In addition to boiler servicing we offer a complete range of maintenance and safety testing services, designed to help you sustain your legal and regulatory commitments.