Drinking Water Disinfection

Access to safe drinking water across your building is very important and we recommend regular checks in order to reduce the risk of contamination.  Water travels through pipes which can mean a long distance and makes it susceptible to germs and ultimately infection.

PJS approach

An initial site survey and report will very quickly provide an overview of drinking water distribution and access points across the site.  Water samples are taken before and after to monitor the impact of any work we carry out on the system.

A number of techniques are employed to ensure every element of the system is flushed and disinfected.  These will include chlorination of mains and cold water pipe work as well as pasteurisation of hot water systems.

Our service meets BS 8558 (2011) standards and is consistent with current legislative requirements.  To ensure you remain compliant and can demonstrate all necessary checks have been undertaken, we issue a certificate and report on completion of works.