General Maintenance and Repairs

Every aspect of a building is susceptible to wear and tear and all require routine maintenance. Our team are very adaptable, undertaking scheduled work as well as dealing with any unforeseen problems as they arise. When repairs or replacements are required they will discuss the available options and recommend the most suitable solution for your needs.

Hot water system testing
The ideal temperature setting for stored hot water is 60°C to ensure any bacteria is eliminated and that your system is energy efficient.  When a tap is turned on it is also essential that this water is blended to a safe temperature in order to eliminate the risk of scalding. Our engineers conduct thorough testing of both the water heating system and the Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s) to ensure that your system is running both safely and efficiently.

Stand alone heating and cooling system testing
A building may have additional heating systems that are not connected to the primary boilers which are known as standalone systems. These include direct fired gas water heaters, fan convector units, radiant panel heaters, storage heaters and air conditioning units.  Our engineers can perform all the necessary testing and maintenance routines for each of these systems.

Recording and scheduling simplified
All procedures and test results are documented by our engineers on our Interactive Maintenance Portal. This gives you easy access to your records and the ability to quickly demonstrate compliance with Health and Safety regulations.  In addition the system automatically schedules future service dates.