Interactive Maintenance Portal

Whatever the size and location of your building there is a need to be organised with managing all aspects of the maintenance in and around the site. Health and safety regulations are paramount when the premises are occupied.

Making life easier...

Over the years PJS have sought to find new and innovative ways to simplify the process of managing heating, lighting and electrical services. Our Interactive Maintenance Portal is an online facility that enables you to keep track of the work we are undertaking on your behalf as well as provide a central depositary for all your testing and compliance documentation.

How it works

A bespoke portal is set-up on our website which you can access through a secure log-in process. Once you have entered the portal a range of dashboards are visible showing:

  • Status of jobs we are responsible for completing
  • Due dates for testing and servicing your machinery and equipment
  • Copies of compliance certificates and reports

The level of detailed information you want to access is entirely up to you. We use the system to manage and direct our engineers to where they are needed to ensure we maximise our resources effectively. It is a completely transparent system and you can see the status of our work at any point in time.

Knowing our customers’ site to this level of detail also means we can be proactive when it comes to problem solving. On site engineers can spot issues before they escalate and start affecting your business. They simply log the details on the portal so we can pick up the fault and allocate the appropriate resource to resolve.

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