Interactive Maintenance Portal

Our Interactive Maintenance Portal is an online facility that enables you to keep track of the work we are undertaking on your behalf as well as provide a central depositary for all your testing and compliance documentation.

Boiler Maintenance

A reliable and efficient boiler is one of the most important factors for keeping a building open and functional. Depending on whether you have a gas or oil fired boiler, conducting an annual or biannual service is essential for a number of reasons:

Mobile Boilers

Whilst every effort is made to plan ahead and reduce the risk of boilers breaking down, unforeseen incidents do happen which is why we have our own range of mobile boilers. Should you experience a complete failure of your boiler we can help you keep our business operational with no more than 24 hours notice.

Site Gas Testing

Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers carry out a series of checks on site to pinpoint if the system is losing pressure or if there is any evidence of leakage. Gas appliances that are left unchecked could be dangerous and leaking carbon monoxide.

General Maintenance and Repairs

Every aspect of a building is susceptible to wear and tear and all require routine maintenance. Our team are very adaptable, undertaking scheduled work as well as dealing with any unforeseen problems as they arise.

Drinking Water Disinfection

Access to safe drinking water across your building is very important and we recommend regular checks in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Water travels through pipes which can mean a long distance and makes it susceptible to germs and ultimately infection.

Swimming Pools

PJS can take away the hassle of cleaning and maintaining any size of swimming pool facility. Offering a complete service to ensure your pool is safe, clean and fully operational whenever you want to use it.

Accredited Mechanical Design

Working as part of a tender process or directly with our customers, PJS can design systems to meet a wide range of performance specifications with their in house CIBSE accredited mechanical designers.

Thermal Imaging

Understanding where heat is being lost in a boiler system will not only save you money but might also highlight a more series problem that could contribute to mechanical breakdown.

Renewable Systems

Considering your environmental options and reducing a building’s carbon footprint is an area that has increased in interest.