PJ Services - Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Services

PJS can take away the hassle of cleaning and maintaining any size of swimming pool facility.  Offering a complete service to ensure your pool is safe, clean and fully operational whenever you want to use it.

Key Elements

Getting everything ready
This is all about getting the pool ready for use as part of the school curriculum.  The work includes clearing of any winter debris, cleaning, reinstalling fittings, filling and circulating water, initial chemical dose and water sample.

Other jobs that can be completed at this stage are pool boiler commissioning, acid cleaning of the pool liner and electrical inspection of the pool distribution board

Enjoying your pool
Once the pool is in operation there are regular checks that need to be completed to ensure it remains safe and clean.  Our engineers can book a monthly appointment to check the water balance which includes water sampling and a report – a chemically balanced pool will save you time and money.

Safe storage
If your pool is not in use for any length of time it’s best to decommission the facility to help prolong the life of your pool.  PJS can manage this for you to include partial draining, removal of water from pipework and filters, removal of steps for storage as well as a report on general condition of the pool and associated equipment.

You can appoint us to manage all aspects of your pool maintenance and upkeep or simply commission our services for a specific job.